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By Amaka Chika-Mbonu June 21, 2017 In Blog

Pretty Girls Rock

I’ve always been one that thinks that it is important to assess ones-self by ones-self.

Like the average woman I look at myself in the mirror my face, my figure, my complexion, spots, pimples, blemishes and I think to myself…ok you’re not a raving beauty, but you clean up pretty well. With the right make-up, clothes, etc you don’t look half bad, but… and wait for it, would I announce this to the world, or, for that matter even to a small group of girl friends.

I guess the question is, if all this IS true and you know it, is it really in good taste to… say it?

I’d like us to really consider this, where do we draw the line between being confident and being arrogant, the line between narcissism and simply loving the skin your in.

There was a vitriolic backlash in one of the UK newspapers some time ago, in response to an article by a woman, who expressed the opinion that she was so beautiful, that men always offered to pay for things for her, and women on the other hand would instantly dislike her.

The lyrics of a song “Pretty Girl Rock”, by American singer Keri Hilson comes to mind,

“All eyes on me when I walk in, no question that this girls a ten”, “my walk, my talk the way I dress it’s not my fault so please don’t trip …girls think I’m conceited ‘cos I know I’m attractive”.

I guess the question is, if all this IS true and you know it, is it really in good taste to… say it?

Shouldn’t you let others say it for you, while you blush and say in a slightly embarrassed manner, “thank you” or “your exaggerating” or make some other self deprecating comment; on the other hand, come to think about it, isn’t that a form of hypocrisy.

A great book, l like to call, ‘The Books’ spoke about not praising or drawing attention to yourself, rather, to let others do that for you, and it seems to be somewhat generally accepted that one should not “blow their own trumpet” as it were. When you consider it a bit deeper though, is there such a thing as false modesty, or should one consider the fact that if you don’t “blow your own trumpet” who will?

There is also the consideration that no matter how beautiful you think, or believe you are on the outside, the fact that you are so bold and brazen as to say it, doesn’t that point to the fact that there might be something not so beautiful about you on the inside.

There must, I guess be a balance to be struck between all these seemingly conflicting stances. I leave that to you to figure out.

Thoughts please.

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