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By Amaka Chika-Mbonu April 29, 2019 In Blog

This Thing Called Marriage

7 Things That Will Help Your Marriage Thrive

  1. Decide between the two of you that separation or divorce is NOT an option. That the heart’s desire of both of you is that your marriage will be for a lifetime, not just a moment in time.
  2. Articulate exactly what you want. Say it properly, politely and clearly. No cryptic clues. When the other person speaks, listen with all of you, then reflect what they’ve said back to them to ensure that you have fully understood.
  3. Talk about any past hurts. Discuss and try to resolve them so that they are not carried over into every single subsequent interaction in your relationship.
  4. Sort out any disagreements swiftly so that they don’t fester. Everything said during these times MUST only be said if they advance the cause of the endgame … a resolution of any conflict.
  5. Always have a picture in your mind and heart of exactly what, in an ideal world you would like your marriage to be like. Then together, map out what are the exact steps that can take you there.
  6. Stop, and discard any thing, or behavior that can’t get you there and immediately start what can. No matter how hard this might be to do. It might seem mechanical at first, but will become more natural as you persevere and continue to do it.
  7. Put GOD first. HE is the originator of marriage, HE has the blueprint for it, so ultimately it is to HIM we must go for instruction on how to thrive in it. Continually challenge yourselves as a couple to explore in its entirety what HE has to say about THIS THING CALLED MARRIAGE.

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