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Amaka Chika-Mbonu

Amaka Chika-Mbonu is a motivational speaker, writer, poet, and author of the game-changing book about relationships, ‘How To Get Your wife To Swing From The Chandelier In A Red Negligee, a Biblical Perspective’, ’49 ways To Get Rid of The Other Woman (without getting caught)’ a book that deals with infidelity ‘BEFORE, WHEN & AFTER’ a limited edition coffee table book, AND, ‘WHERE DID YOU PUT YOUR ORGAN’ a housekeeping for men and the women who love them.

Amaka holds a BA Honours in English and Literary Studies from the University of Calabar in Nigeria, is a certified counsellor with a specialisation in couples counselling, and has been a Marriage Counsellor in a Christian Church setting for over 20 years.

She carries keys of wisdom to unlock peoples minds and hearts through the power of her own testimony.

Amaka has spoken on diverse multiple speaking platforms locally, and internationally, and featured on radio and television programmes across the globe, with one primary message and mantra, “Marriage takes work to make it work so, let’s get to work.”

She is known as a force in the coaching industry in the area of relationships, sharing dynamic insight; and, over the years has guided people to healthier relationships and self- awareness.

Amaka has been married for twenty six years, and has two young adult children.

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