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ODYSSEY is a private group for women on the messaging app Telegram.

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If you are a woman who has been through the humiliating, gut-wrenching issue of infidelity in your marriage. A woman who is currently going through this painful situation or knows someone who has, or is. Or maybe you are a woman who would like to protect your marriage from the bane of this intruder?


Members could fall into any of the above categories and no one in this group knows who falls in where.

In this group we will support each other as we rise above the issues of our individual varied, peculiar and particular circumstances, renew our strength, soar like the eagle and regenerate ourselves like the mythical phoenix from the ashes of this painful life experience. In so doing, we WILL discover hidden strengths, birthed through adversity. We WILL begin to fulfil purpose and destiny, impacting our friends, families, colleagues; impacting future generations, our own nation, nations and ultimately the world.

On this platform there will be no sharing of personal information or circumstances publicly. It is a group yes, but it simply is a repository that contains information that can help a woman prevent, deal with, go through, heal and be whole from what is a very painful experience.

Any communication about personal stories remains in the domain of private counselling sessions with the founder Amaka Chika-Mbonu who is a certified counselor, or any other counsellor of the woman’s choice.

Telegram also has a feature for secret chat and one for hiding ones identity. Women can remain anonymous to other members of the group if they so desire.

A few features in Odyssey include:

A word each month to meditate on, Q&A in private events, an infidelity recovery blue print, video call group discussions and MUCH MORE.

Videos dealing with topics like:

Should I fight for my marriage? Is it my fault that my husband had an affair? What about the children? What hurts them more? Staying or leaving? Should I have an affair? What if I have already had an affair? What do I do if I want to leave? What if my husband is not sorry? How do I heal? I feel broken?

Let’s start your journey to regeneration.